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August 28, 2020

Strategic Alliance Memorandum
Mexican International Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Mexican International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MEXCHAMBER and “MBS- Mexico Business Solutions” (each a "Party" or, collectively the "Parties") are joined by a common mission: helping start, maintain and expand businesses.

The Parties will work together in the spirit of cooperation and open communications, consistent with law, with the primary goal of meeting the needs of the small business communities in Mexico, the United States of America, and the world.

The mission of MBS is to promote the economic development, provide outsourcing
solutions and foreign investment in Mexico.

The mission of MEXCHAMBER is to guide, aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests
of business members by providing business development assistance and advocating on their
behalf within the government of Mexico and the United States. MEXCHAMBER Chapters
throughout the world deliver MEXCHAMBER programs and services to its members and non-
members. Each Party has separate services and resources which, when delivered in coordination
with each other, will provide maximum benefits to business and industrial communities served.
The purpose of this Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) is to develop and foster
mutual understanding and a working relationship between MEXCHAMBER and MBS in order
to strengthen and expand business and industrial development. The Parties acknowledge that
specific joint training and outreach activities contemplated under this SAM require further
negotiations and a separate signed agreement developed pursuant to MEXCHAMBER co-sponsorship authority. The "Mexican International Chamber of Commerce & Industry”,
“MEXCHAMBER” and “MBS” names shall be used only in a factual manner, consistent with
applicable law.