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April 12, 2020

Dear clients and friends: As we mentioned in our previous MBS COVID-19 Mexico News Bulletin, due to the COVID-19 national emergency, since last Monday April 6, 2020, Baja California’s Labor Department in coordination with Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Labor, has begun a state wide Intensive Industrial Plants Inspection Program to verify if they’re in compliance with the March 31, 2020 COVID-19 Emergency Federal Government Guidelines that require all non-essential activities manufacturing plants to temporarily shut down operations from April 1st. to April 30, 2020, sending home their workers with full pay, keeping only employees whose work will keep the plant’s basic operations running. Industrial Plants that remain in full operation and don’t comply with the COVID-19 Emergency Guidelines will be immediately shut down by the federal government and will be fined. In order to help you remain fully operational, MBS has created a compliance program designed specially to keep your Plant open and running in compliance with the Mexican Government Emergency Guidelines called: MBS COVID-19 MEXICO ESSENTIAL COMPANY CONVERSION PROGRAM. Our COVID-19 Mexico Essential Company Conversion Program will let you stay open and keep all your production lines operational while complying with all Mexican Government Emergency Guidelines and will help you prepare and file all necessary documents and strategic solutions such as: • A Company Operations COVID-19 Conversion Manual. • A complete and selective Workforce Essential Company Operations Plan. • Prepare your Plant’s Official Essential Company Application to all Mexican Authorities. • Prepare all Corporate Documents your Buyers and Suppliers must provide you with to implement your COVID-19 Essential Company Operations Program. • Guide you to file before Mexican authorities a satisfactory COVID-19 Essential Company Operations Plan. As we always do, our experienced team will walk you through the entire COVID-19 Essential Company Operations Program until your COVID-19 Essential Company Operations Plan is approved.